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Friday, December 21, 2012

AEL Kinkskills celebrates 2012

I love spending time reviewing what AEL Kinkskills has achieved over the past year, consider it ego stroking through mental masturbation.  But I have a deep love for this project and everyone that makes it possible from the host homes to the teachers to the attendees!  Thank you all of giving AEL Kinkskills another successful year! 

In January we kicked off with canes and caning by G. The teacher went all out; he made canes for everyone and even auctioned off a free flogger to one lucky winner!  He ran through several caning techniques, and then did one on ones with people after they had a chance to practice. We even had one person who came without a partner but caned the heck out of herself!!! Our host house Mrs. B was amazing, every time that she hosts she lays out food in the spirit of the event- so while everyone was busy caning themselves and others, I was happily snaking on canes of food!

In March Lady golden and Slave lou saved my butt because I screwed up on the date of the workshop and was without a host house! At the last minute they came in and gave us a place to land. WhipDaddy did a great workshop on breast bondage that covered everything from large to small women as well as men. I got to sit back and watch as people took what WhipDaddy taught and made it their own!  Fascinating! 

In May we had Roughouse teach an impact play class. Personally I love impact, and was really getting into the class when I offered for my slave to give it a go on me. At first she was hesitant, and then I said “3 am sex” (I love waking her up at 3 am for sex) and she walloped me so hard I went flying!  I followed that up by saying “socks on the floor”, and she was on a roll. She has quite a punch, and so for a while she would just walk up and punch me on the back!  I would be sitting at the computer, or working on a project and she would walk up and WHAM!  This has served to get me horny and put me under all at the same time!

In July Mrs. B taught needle bondage. I don’t get to do needles often, and I loved the opportunity to “bond “people together and  bond parts of people to themselves. I am very surprised what happens when you bind breasts together while they are in a bra, and then release the bra!! At that point it is the needled corset that is keeping the breasts in place!!! SWEET!!!!!

In September we had the amazing Travis of Tease with make your own flogger. He was as always wonderfully prepared and amazingly good at teaching.  At the end of the class people went their own ways and made handles that were very unique. After the class was over everyone walked away with a beautiful flogger that was really a part of them!

Unfortunately due to my own date conflicts and an unexpected illness, we were not able to complete our year with wax as planned, but I really look forward to what next year holds!

 Thank you so very much to G, Stan, Roughouse, Mrs. B, and Travis for your amazing teaching!
 And thank you so very much to Mrs. B, lady Golden, slave lou, and Thorn for providing some amazing host houses for the year!

I am so grateful to all of you!!!!

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