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Friday, May 31, 2013

PERV, Party, Lap dances, labia vegatables

I am on such a high from last Saturday. It was one of those days that seemed magical, and wonderful and so very memorable, mostly.  I had worked the night before and was going on little sleep, but the adrenaline of the day was all that I needed! 

 On Saturday afternoon I presented at PERV. This was a dream come true on many levels. First off I love talking about Master and slave relationships that is my joy and my heart.  There were about 15 people there to start and about 11 stayed for the actual talk. It was an advanced crowd that had a lot to offer and I was so amazingly surprised that people were also very candid and open. At the beginning of every PERV is an hour of going over general rules and protocols of group and play etiquette.

Sera and I presented that together, I enjoyed that part, and the one place that got really interesting was when the issue of safe words came up. I listened as people talked about whether or not they use safe words, and the same sort of story kept returning. People would talk about how everyone should use safe words- but they personally don’t play with safe words. At one point after someone talked about how they had just met someone, didn’t negotiate and didn’t play with safe words- but it was the most intense scene they ever had- I interrupted the conversation and said “the conversation about safe words is the same every time- people will say you should use safe words because you are a pussy, I am a bad ass so I don’t use safe words. What safe words really boil down to is how much communication you want during a scene.”   Honestly, my slave and I don’t negotiate and we don’t use safe words, but they are always there if we need them and if they are used we both   know what they are. 

After the rules and protocols we had a break and I was given the floor to present on M/s for the rest of U/us.  I covered the 4 pillars of training the slave, understanding punishment on an emotional, chemical and biological level, the un- trainable slave and the un-trainable Master, and looking at the long term. The people there were amazing; they all had so much to give and were really engaged.  As a group they were open and comfortable enough to talk about those things that didn’t go well, their histories/her stories, and their personal and emotional candor really was something to experience.  

Meanwhile, the whole time, my slave was there looking beautiful, extraordinary and being her loving and supportive self.  This was not an easy thing because I was using her as the example of when things don’t always go right. That is never easy for her, but she was gracious, and because was so wonderful and open to be used as an example the crowd felt open. Her response to my talking about her allowed people to feel safe about talking about themselves.  That was really a gift. 

After PERV people stayed and talked and there was much excitement about July when the Masters group starts- but that is another blog :) When we left PERV the plan was to go see a friend for their birthday and then head up to the NMFL play party. 

That was the plan.

My slave and I got to the party early, and   had a blast helping in the kitchen and talking smack and really enjoying ourselves. When people started to arrive they were so festive and joyful. Then my leather family came and we had a blast over by the grill. We were talking and laughing and interspacing that with deep conversations about organizing and events, and race. It was one of those conversations with just the right balance of love, support, and seriousness.   

Then it happened- my first glass of wine. It was my weakness- Moscato. 

Ohh—as soon as I guzzled that first glass, I knew- game on. At that point I turned to my slave and said "honey, I am drinking tonight."

Now just to so that you know- I am not a drinker,  we don’t keep it in the house, and overall  I feel that the  social emphasis on  drinking  is an  American  embarrassment. I also do not play or have sex impaired. Ever.  Ok wait- I used to have sex impaired and I probably wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again, but as a general rule, it is not my interest.

So, the wine was flowing and I was having a blast! I gave out a lot of lap dances that night and a few nipple dances.  I would take big plates of food around to the crowd and offer it up with the luscious sway of my hips! I circled my hips around WhipDaddys meat (we were working the grill!!) and had people reach for my lady corn!  But the real fun came in the form of the labia vegetables.  That is…. in between lap dances…..
After wards I enjoyed very much so giving the birthday girl her 30 licks- with my tongue, and a little biting! Maybe a little hard on the biting, but as a bottle and a half of Moscato and Riesling as a precursor- I think I did pretty well. Hehehehe!!!

Then I flung myself onto people and made crude remakes about how everyone is a little "het" when they drink, among I am sure other things that somehow have faded into a drunken background.  If I remember correctly there were multiple requests for male strippers- I figured we had already seen some naked women- let’s even the playing field. I was denied that though. Not even a shirt off, or a belly button……


I had a blast, even though my poor slave was on edge and watching over my safety every minute. When I drink I get VERY amorous-  I mean  I could fuck  a bar stool, the pool table, and the ID checker before hitting the bar doors, and then  be ready for more when I get home-  that kind of  amorous. So in between that and my already aggressive nature, it can make for a pretty explosive combination.  So my slave watched to make sure that even though I was impaired that others didn’t take advantage of that, or me. It was a hard job for her, stressed her out a lot, but even she even admitted that she was having so much fun at the party that she didn’t want to leave.  

The next morning I woke up full of smiles and hang over free. 

What a day.

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