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Friday, September 27, 2013

A night to remember

There are those experiences in life that are just amazing blessings. I few months back I was asked to preside over a collaring ceremony. I was so flattered by the invite, but also honestly hesitant because I got to thinking “why me?” I am  not certified to  do  ceremonies, I have never done one before,  I have only been to two  collaring ceremonies and one of them was ours-  so  I felt really unprepared. 

 But over time I thought, I think that I can do some good here. I think that I could make this special for them.  So I met with Master T and slave z, and I found that what I lacked in experience I made up for in organization, enthusiasm, and love.

Over the next month while they were preparing for their ceremony we were moving into a new house, I was staring school,fighting off a lung infection,  and beginning the AMG, all the while thinking that I was crazy for accepting this new project and fearing that I would not be able to do it justice.

As it turns out I had a whole cadre of people in the wings with me, helping out, lending a hand, being there to bring what they could to support the collaring ceremony. So I was so grateful that I had agreed to do this despite my own challenges. The night of the rehearsal went very smoothly everything was blocked out and people were more comfortable with were they were going to stand and walk, there was lots of laughter. That night some of the wedding party stayed and helped my slave and I decorate the dungeon in the wedding colors. I was so grateful, and said it multiple times, that I was working with someone that had no issue taking direction. I had the biggest smile on my face. I felt so lucky and blessed to be a part of this.

 Their ceremony was beautifully choreographed by Maser T, he had everything down to the letter and the last minute glitches were seamless in the ceremony. After the collar was locked Master T led his slave over to the cross and they began their scene. Everyone that attended sat and watched as they played. The crowd was so vested in the couple that they even applauded when it was over.  Afterwards everyone ate and played while the wedding party attended to the couple. It was so beautiful to watch a cohesive family take care of each other.

At that point I was on fire. 

I played three times that night, a first for me. Each scene was different in its own way, and I surprised myself at my own ability to come up with three unique scenes with my only toys being my hands and the plastic utensils from the buffet table.

 I am pretty sure I was all libido.

I also got to see others play that I hadn’t seen before, and I loved watching their dynamics. It was beautiful, intense, and lovingly powerful.

Behind the scenes however,  my slave and I were driving on fumes to get to the ceremony and back home again.  Although we won’t be this poor forever, and things are starting to change, we had expected some money to come in and it hadn’t yet, so we were really tight, but this was also nothing new for us. So we did what we always do- we lied about why we couldn’t go places that week! We also joked about being poor, we always do. But that night someone must have been listening, and listening to well- they left us a gift on the van as we were leaving.

That gift shocked and surprised us both. We both stood there in the rain staring at the gift taped to our door. Stunned. That gift- for whoever gave it- bought food for the horses for the next two days (we were out of hay until the money came in) and got us back home.

That gift, that night, that experience will stay with me forever. I am so deeply grateful that I was asked to do this. I will carry that love, that joy, and that lust with me forever. Thank you Master T and slave z for inviting me into your home, and for trusting me even though I had no experience.
This project of love was such a joy.

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