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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Yum Yum Tree and AMG

This Saturday is the second meeting of the AMG, the Albuquerque Maters Group. I am so excited about this part of the project. It is where the‘s’ types get to come and the Masters get to experiment and learn from each other. The event is free and will provide drinks, plates, utensils, napkins and cups while the attendees are being asked to bring a dish to share.

The intention of this is to provide a space where Masters get to try their hands at different ways of being served without the pressure of being at an event.  In this space it is ok to try something that fails, or that doesn’t feel right, or to ask questions of others about how to refine or how to do something a little differently.
I really wanted to create a space that is open and candid for other Masters to experience their relationships in different ways as well as providing a low pressure environment for slaves to learn new skills, it is here that can come and not think that they are going to be watched for mistakes or torn apart by others watching them. They are supposed to make mistakes here; both Masters and slaves are and maybe even laugh a time or two at themselves as they learn.

The other part of the AMG project that I am very happy to introduce is the “ram it in the can” can. It is the can where all of the community donations go. The idea behind that is that the group supports other parts of the community. People are encouraged to give whatever they can and all proceeds go to supporting the education of the Albuquerque community, by financially supporting the groups that bring in those opportunities.

I was thinking that maybe in the future we will support the outside areas to.  I would love to donate to VI Johnson’s leather library, NCSF,   The Outpost or NMAS. So to create incentive to give to the community, as soon as the group reaches 500$ I will shave off my braid.  Now as has been pointed out before “so Keli, what makes your braid worth 500$?”   Well, it isn’t.  But giving back is priceless, and if it is what I can do to keep the group talking and giving, then that works for me.

I am very excited to talk with other Masters about what new things that they want to try and get new ideas for myself on skills, not just play skills, but service skills.

I have also invited singles  to  come  that way people that are "M" or "s" identified  but aren’t in  relationships  can  find each  other, or socialize, or ask  someone for the chance to  serve them or speak  with other slaves about their service.

I know that I have all of these altruistic things in my head, I see butterflies, and bunnies, and yum yum trees.  I also  know that the reality is that I have my work cut out for me. Not everyone has the same sense of what respect is, or good manners, or proper etiquette. Even if they do know these things it is really easy to mess up and go too far. I do. Probably too often, now that I think about it.
So it will be a balance, between the love of the project and the reality of the group dynamic, as these projects always are.

But right now it is the day before and I am still in yum yum tree land!  WHEE! 

Also I want to put out a very very special thank you to Baby Bear who is allowing us to come in and intrude on her personal space for the evening! Thank you! 

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