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Friday, October 18, 2013


On the first Sunday of October was the second meeting of the AMG. I was really nervous. I knew that the group was going to be small, and I was really worried, as all organizers worry. 
Yes, we were small, but damn we were mighty. The conversation was powerfully good and I learned so much that day. We all came from really different places in life, and we all had so much to give that the time flew by.

Here are some of the parts that really struck a cord with me that day, all posted with permission of the participants:

On punishment-
Punishment can lead to non consent, if the slave did not consent to actively being set up for failure so that the Master can have cause to punish them.
Did the slave really consent to being set up?
What is driving the Master to set up the slave?
 How can you call yourself a Master if your slave makes you feel insecure?

On our responsibility when it comes to destructive people:
It is not our place to run people off, but if someone is actively wreaking havoc in the community shouldn’t they be run off?

On   Dungeon monitors:
If it is the DM’s squick, will they have more of a tendency to view the play as unsafe even if it is not?

On the slave’s one thing that they can’t seem to do:
In any long term relationship there will be things that aren’t working out the way you want them to.
Sometimes it is that one mistake (that one thing) that doesn’t happen that allows everything else to be what it is.

On Polyamory:
As a Master I discuss my slave’s poly relationships outside of our M/s dynamic because I have to put away my feelings of ownership to focus on her sexual health.

Direct quotes:
 “Candy ass Pussy.”
“Don’t you dare knock me off my chair!”
“Is it me, or has the blue tooth revolution made it tougher to spot people with mental illness?”
“My feet for your dusting- problem solved!!!”

That day was exactly what I wanted this group to be.
How cool……

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