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Friday, October 11, 2013

Annual Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser: I am so proud!

This last Saturday my slave was asked to dance for the Annual Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser. Honestly, we have both been so tapped and tired that we were delirious.  Thankfully my slave really wanted to stick this one out. Since I was behind in school I was going to take that night and do homework and watch the horses.  We had to place the horses out to pasture before I have had a chance to work on it and I was worried about my horses fighting with the neighbor’s horses, or Pokey making a run for it through the fence line.  But  I watched them all day and they had done really well, and since I was so  tired  I wasn’t making much  sense -  when my slave looked me with those amazing eyes and said that she wanted me there with  her  I jumped at the chance.

It is one of my joys, pleasures and prides that she dances, and I am so deeply proud when she dances for fundraisers.

The night was really amazing. When they have this fundraiser the Queens all get together and put on one of the best drag shows of the year. The talent is outstanding, everyone is impeccable, the live singing was beautiful and the heart and love that was there made me misty eyed.

So I did what I love doing. We came in, and I got her dressed. I did notice that at 40 it was a little bit harder for me to get up and down from the ground that it was when I was say 30- we laughed at that. After that I took all her extra stuff with me so she didn’t have to think about it. Then I went to the front of the house so that she can warm up and breathe and concentrate without me staring at her.  Then from time to time I will come back and make sure that she is drinking and breathing and stretching.

Just before she comes on stage I get really nervous, I survey the crowd- do they know her?  Will they connect with her? How are they going to take her? How confused are they going to be? How drunk are they? 

Then she hits the stage and they fall in love with her smile, and her open heart, and her joy, and I do as well- all over again. 

There is a huge difference between straight crowds and gay crowds. In straight crowds touching of the belly dancer is strictly a no no. Money, if given, is placed on the stage or in the tip bucket. Gay crowds however are a completely different story.  We as the gay community have been the untouchables, the unwanted, and undesirables- and so whenever she dances for a gay crowd touching is allowed. It lets the crowd know that they are wanted, that the dancer is not repulsed by them, and it sends a strong signal that she is one of us.  Touching is usually done respectfully, but sometimes people get -shall we say- excited about her….. and the fingers go from lingering to an outright grope.  But my slave being the professional that she is   knows how to handle herself, and the crowd.

After her performance I head back stage and can’t stop gushing over her. As much as I love being in the front of the house, honestly   back stage is where the real action is. The camaraderie, the joy, the support and the sense of family and community are palpable. Watching the Queens with their faces done to perfection, their body padded and curved immaculately, watching as the untouchables become the wanted and the stars, listening to the bitchy laughter as the Queens come off stage and relax.

For the longest time my slave and I sat there just taking it all in, laughing, asking questions, lending support. How we have both missed this so much, and didn’t know it. At one point we were pulled aside and given a gift from the organizer of the event.  We were stunned, so much so I almost stated to cry. We didn’t quite know how we were going to get home with our gas tank being so low.  We figured that we had enough quarters to get us back home, but we honestly didn’t know.  So when that gift came to us- it meant so much more then they knew. I still have to hold back tears thinking about it.  Thank you. Thank you so very very much.

That night was magical, we both felt so blessed to be there, and so joyous to be able to bring money and awareness the the cause. So next year mark your calendar for October, because this talent is not to be missed!  

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