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Friday, November 29, 2013

It does feel different.....


We have been together for eleven years. We were unofficially married in Florida eight years ago. So one would think that legally getting married wouldn’t be that big of a deal- right?

 Well the day we got married, I was shaky and sweaty, and so nervous.  

And yes- it does feel different now.

I feel like I can protect her now. Like I can take care of her better now. I feel like I have the ability to be there for her better now. It isn’t just being legally married, or being her wife- it is that if she ends up in the hospital.
  I have the right to make decisions for her and not some long lost cousin that just happens to show up.

 That if we do end up having kids I have legal ground in case something happens to her, and that her family- or mine- can’t just come in and say unfit- unnatural parent- 
If I should die- she doesn’t get taxed to death, and she will be cared for.

This means so much- so yes it feel different.

I remember in  Florida after we got married, and I told some people  that  we were married-  they would follow it up with  "well you didn't REALLY get married- did you?"
When I had to say”no- it wasn't legal".  
 I could see the relaxation and smugness come over that person. Like they enjoyed having me   admit that my marriage had no legal standing.

But now I can say it- we are legally married.

She has my name.

And yes- it feels different.


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