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Friday, November 15, 2013

Movies, TP, Tacos , Family Style

This week has been  amazing. On Monday we had dinner with  an amazingly sexy friend, that ended in  all of us on the couch with her furry family watching a movie. It was AWESOME! CROODS RULE!!!!

On Tuesday my slave went out with  her TAGF, totally AWESOME girlfriend  and they ran  errands and talked! TP AS A PRESENT RULES!!!!!   That night my slave and I went out for dinner with  our Intentional  family and  we had a blast!!!  TACOS RULE!   

On Wednesday  my slave received so much  love, so  much joy, that she  was in  pure bliss. So much  so  that she is still smiling, and I cant stop smiling for her. LOVE RULES!!!!! On Wednesday night we went to dinner at another amazingly sexy friends house! STEAK FAMILY STYLE  RULES!!!! PILFERING TP RULES!!!

This morning, which  is her birthday,  for the first time in years she woke up smiling and happy. On her birthday.

The horses have eaten. I am  doing well  in school.  Hope is returning that our struggles may not come to an end but get easier in  December. 
This week was AMAZING! 
How incredible to  be surrounded by so much  love, so  much  joy, and so much incredible food!  

This was the best WEEK EVER!!


After my slaves braiding class we decided that her intentional beauty series needs to  be more accessible and so  we are going to  start having them here for 5$ per person  to cover  costs.

So  keep  out an eye in  December!