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Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Break, Respectful sack rubbing, Broken Dolls, FIGHT CLUB!!!!

This week I have had the amazing fortune of being social because I am on spring break. 

We went to the AEL play party, we had the Albuquerque Masters group, and then went to the Wet munch. So I wanted to share with you the things that I heard- about and from -the leather community at these events that have made me think, made me laugh, and made me smile.

From the AEL Play party: “You need to do a lap dance right, in other words RESPECTFULLY rub your sack on her face! “ OK this was a blast! I laughed so  hard that I broke a chair-  literally I laughed so  hard the chair wiggled, moaned and  then gave up on  life as I ended up on  the floor staring at the ceiling fan. And it was a beautiful ceiling fan……. 

From the AMG:  “Fight Club!!!! DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!! “So this is because I get so excited about what goes on at the Albuquerque Masters Group and how much I learn that I TOTALLY can barely hold my mouth shut!  AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  But honestly one of the rules that I made (UHGGG) was what happens at the AMG stays at the AMG. So I –not thinking get so excited that I sometimes slip and talk about how much  I have leaned, or what has invigorated me, made me think, or made me laugh. BUT NEW RULE!! FIGHT CLUB!! DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!

From the wet munch: “When someone interrupts your scene they have consented to being a part of it.” I thought about this and concluded that just because someone has a lapse in judgment does not mean   that they are consenting to what my slave and I do. It just means they had a slip on judgment. 

From the wet munch: “We all have coping mechanisms when we have abusive childhoods, but when we come onto leather we turn those into pieces of empowerment.”  This was about people that grow up in abusive childhoods and how they integrate those coping mechanisms and what they recognize as safety into their leather walk.

From the wet munch: “We are all just broken dolls.”  I went off on this one. Bull Fucking Shit- Broken dolls …REALLY???? I turned to them and said “I am not a broken doll.” Not only was I deeply offended, I was not going to let that go unchallenged. First off I hate begin referred to as a clich√©- especially ones that attempt to be poetic. Secondly I am not anyone’s doll waiting for them to fix. Do NOT get me started on THAT ONE….

From the AEL play party: “I like how he did nickel lipping…”   This was from the rampant nipple licking that was done and the blatant tongue tied sexual tension that happened as a result! 

From the AEL play party: “Put your fingers in MY PUSSY!”  In reference to the fisting talk… it was yelled in enthusiasm!

From the wet munch:  “I identify as Master-Bater:  when I turn my hand around backwards, it’s like a stranger …” to which the collective response was a very enthusiastic “BRILLANT!” 

Thank you to this community, its organizers, and its vibrant attendees. I had the best time talking laughing, and learning.


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