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Friday, November 21, 2014

Service of my words, service of my Heart

My slave calls it  “ripping off the band aid” it is when I am  dead set against taking care of myself or pampering myself and she bulldozes right through  me to  do  what is best. 

Before you get all smug or up in arms about topping from below, pulling rank, being insubordinate, or refusing to obey- just remove the stick from  your ass and listen:

When I started school I knew that I needed three ring binders, money was a little tight  because we had just moved and so I was doing what I could to  stay organized. We were at the store and I was looking at the binders- I needed three of them-  and she said “Master, you need these.” And I said  “No, we cant really afford them.”

At that point she stepped forward and said “Come on- rip  off the band aid, how many do  you need?”

 I tried to  say no but she was already putting them  into  the cart- and she was right- I needed them.

This happened again  just recently. After we moved into the new house the bathroom  needed to  be re  done. So  I set her on  it. I didn’t want to have  anything to do with  the decision  making. I just wanted it handled, and boy did she. We made payments for a while and this week they are gutting the bathroom and re doing it. Within  budget and paid up  front, becasue that is how she knows I need things to be handled.

she calls it phase one. I stopped asking how many other phases there are because as she runs into  new ideas that changes. 

The point is that the other day we were at the store and I saw it. Batman bathroom  stuff! The soap dispenser was AMAZING, and the shower curtain  rings! EPIC! So we went to  buy  it and---

WHOOPS!!  We ran  out of money and had to  put it back!!!

Ultimately I was OK with that-  we had enough  to  get through  for the week, but Batman  would have to wait.

So  when  we went back  to the store a week  later and it was still there- I was SHOCKED!  I really wanted them.  I knew it would make us short on money so  I said no. And again  she stepped right up and said “Off with  the band aid!” and she put the Goodies  in  the cart! 

It is rough  when  she does those things. I get agitated, but I know that she is right.  The honest feeling is that I feel  so  cared for. Like she sees past my words and right in to  my heart.

I feel that this is a good example of one of the ways that people would say-  it is not her place to override my decisions. You  are the Master- AREN'T you?

But isn’t the heart of service to care for and provide for the Master? 

Where then does one stop  and the other begin? Where does service over ride servitude?

Some of that is easy- when  the Master is asking for something illegal  that puts the slave at risk,  when  the Master is inebriated or under the influence, when  the Master is under extreme duress. 

OK I get that part-  but what about the subtlety of the concept that is less extreme and more -  gray? Those “in between”  parts where the majority of life is lived, where the details lay.

Is the slave disobedient if they push  the Master to drink on  a hot day when  the Master isn’t thirsty? 

Is the slave disobedient if they make a meal  that is appropriate for the Masters disease process, but the Master wants what they shouldn’t have?

Is the slave disobedient if they are told to buy  clothes but know the rent is over due and pay the rent instead? 

Where does the line cross from  service and  into  disobedience?

This is something that every Master has to  answer for themselves-  and I already know my answer:

Here it is!   

 BATMAN MANIA!!!!  Will go  up  as soon  as they are done with  the renovation!

My backpack and school binders complete with  colored inserts.

I am  so  LUCKY to have the service of my heart and not just my words!

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