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Friday, January 22, 2016

"Hi, my name is Keli and I am slave identified.”

So last weekend was amazing! My slave/my love was not well,  so I wrapped her up  in  a blanket like a glowworm and kissed her and commanded her to rest, and I headed out to AEL.   

Saturday night I truly had such a wonderful time. First off the hosts B&s were wonderful! The house was warm and welcoming and the play stations had a wonderful and loving energy.  So thank you HOSTS! 

I knew it was going to be an interesting night when as they were doing the AEL rounds and everyone was introducing and identifying themselves I said “Hi, my name is Keli and I am slave identified.” 

I don’t really know what I was thinking. I think that I was busy holding in a fart, or being blindsided by T’s comfortable penis, to the point where I really wasn’t focused on what I was saying. So for the rest of the night I received a lot of well  meaning and playful shit. It was very funny and set the tone for the rest of the night for me.

It was also a night full of receiving wondrous gifts. 

First I received a horse nipper and file kit. THANK YOU D &E!   Those of you who are horse people can really get that!

Then I received the first of my two double floggers, it was done by “T” of Tease and wow. Everything that I wanted and more. It is deerskin and despite the falls is extremely light beautifully balanced and just stunning. Now to be clear --I have no idea how to use them -- but I will be finding out this month! 

Then I got to play with Vlad. It was something that I had been thinking about that I wanted to do for a while. I had ordered some special barbed wire from the “internet machine” and went to Home Depot because I needed a certain type of screws.   

I had a mock up of a ball bag. The idea was I could wrap his balls in a bag and fill it full of whatever I want, screws, ice, that sort of thing. Well after trying the ball bag, it is clearly going to need some work. But the idea is solid, so I will keep working with my prototype. 

The play was heavy.  I told him to keep his eyes shut, I wrapped his ball in the ball bag and put the screws in and then wrapped his cock in barbed wire.

It took some work and so I had to sit down and really concentrate. I need to really watch the color and temperature of his cock because I was doing something very new. I also really in touch with him and would ask the   “good pain bad pain” question. I would go  from  wrapping and re wrapping his cock in  the barbed  wire,  trying to  get a good wrap  that I wanted,  and squeezing his balls with  the screws.

When we finished and went downstairs I was more under then I knew. I made him sit and got him some water, but for some reason didn’t get him something to eat and didn’t remember to cover him. Mrs. RuffDomme was wonderful and seeing how out of it I was brought me some water. 

I think it was a lot more intense that I thought it was going to be.

Silly, but true.

I was under for a while, including the next day. 

I also received my other flogger, completed.  

Wow. I am so under still from the heady amazing experience of the weekend. I know that his blog is boastful. But I am really proud of what I accomplished.  

I am hopeful that My Love/my slave the glowworm will be feeling better soon. I love her and the only thing missing was her smile cheering me on.

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