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Friday, January 1, 2016

Your two choices.

So it is 2016. Wow.  So much is on my mind.  For right now I am thinking back to a discussion I had in 2015 with a group at Synagogue.  It was fun and nonsensical until it turned to the “state of the world”. The group who I was talking to took to a real negative look on things. The typical sentiment of how bad things are, how horrific the world is, blah- blah- blah. 

When engaged in these types of conversations I will only let it go so far, then I interject and this is what I say. 

“I disagree with you, all of you. For the first time in our world I am allowed to marry the woman I love and openly care for her. The cops are not as likely to target me BECAUSE I am in a gay bar. I can be out, proud, and EMPLOYED. I can hold her hand in mine while the power of my legal wedding ring SHINES.  I disagree that our world is a pile of shit. It is the goldmine of opportunity. And I will never discount how incredibly lucky I am to have been born now and not 200 years ago.”

I am not saying that there are things in the world that are horrific. I am not that blinded. But what I am saying is that I refuse to not look at our lives as a continuum. The past and the now. What we have on our fingertips is beyond anything that has ever happened before and is the ability for us to look back at our progression and affect our future on a way that has never happened before.

Information is above all things POWER. It has never been less true then now. 

So what am I saying here?

I think what I am saying is use this year as a call to find your voice. Blog, write, speak. Say those things this year that you have let fear hold from your lips and hands. 

Be bold in yourself and your relationships. Remember WHO you are and embrace the power of that.  

Ask yourself the tough questions without the noise of the people and world around you, who are you, what do you want, and what are you settling for now? I said you, not those around you, not those who what you to be a certain way for them- just you. 

And then take a breath, close your eyes and act on it.

Don’t let this year go by without the world feeling the thunder of your boots and the ripple of your words. 

This is a call for you to find you, your potential, your power, your “self”. And then to be honest to that self. 

Never forget that who we are is ever changing, ever growing and ever evolving. That leaves you with two choices.

Evolve through your own choosing- or through someone else’s. 

But either way – it WILL happen. 

And Never. Never. Never forget where we came from:

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