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Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I got to go home

It was Sunday night and I was at the Wet Munch. I was surrounded by the most amazing people. My slave stayed home this time, so I was going to have enough fun for both of us. I knew that I had to leave early to get to work in the morning. It was the first day on my new job.  
So I went out to our brand new truck and turned the key and TA -DA!  


Panic rose in my throat. 
I did it again. 


As the panic started slowly working its way through my body I turned and who is looking in my window? Just Horns.  The panic started to abate as I stumbled out of the car and repeated to him over and over “she’s not working”. Before I knew it Horns, Ninjet, Tran, and Sherlock were all over the truck. 

I mean it, ALL OVER HER. In, out, and, finally under. All of them talking and mumbling to each other in some sort of car language that I couldn’t understand. 

It was then that he problem was identified. 

Someone had stolen the starter from the truck. Someone had laid under the truck and taken it.

When Ninjet first told me I panicked. I remember backing up and not knowing why. I was so confused that my head was whirling. The only thing that kept replaying in my mind was the time that I was shot at in Florida. They were coming back. I was stranded and they were coming.

Just so  that you know, it made no more sense to me at that moment then it does now. 

It just was an “is”. No explanation. 

I remember Ninjet holding me in her arms. I remember D and E standing right there. I remember Sherlock  giving me his card and telling me to  call  him  if I needed to  get back  and forth. I remember Zoe taking me by the hand, and Connyfornia coming out to make sure everything was OK.

I had a plan right away, call AAA, and get towed to CarMax where I bought her. Vlad offered up his apartment for the night, and offered to drive me to the apartment that night and to work the next morning. J&L called and offered rides. Zoe offered to take me home. 

It was so much. I kept going from being completely OK to falling apart and crying. The memories of gunshots dogging the voices of the now. Then someone slipped something into my hand, I looked down. It was a card.  A credit card. I remember a voice saying “it should cover the bulk of the cost of the part.” I remember trying to give it back and the person not taking it. I remember thinking “this isn’t right. I have to give it back.” But not being able to. I remember saying thank you and feeling like it couldn’t possibly be enough to say thank you. 

It was then that the whole Cadre of community, Horns, Tran, Sherlock, and D put the truck into neutral and pushed it to a place where it could get towed. I was in utter AWE and shock.

When I called the tow company D&E stayed out to wait for the truck as Zoe took me inside. Ninjet stayed at my feet, Vlad got me something to drink. 

I was dazed and confused and triggered. I couldn’t focus. Connyfornia stayed close, and so did Vlad. I just kept thinking if I don’t move soon they are coming, and they are coming with their guns.

I tried to talk, say something that would take the attention of the fact that I was being so irrational.  So the three of us, I, Ninjet, and Zoe tried coming up with theories as to why the starter was taken. I said that a  blind amputee grandmother needed a starter so  that she could go  and teach  the young orphan children  how to  read. Ninjet had seen people take stuff before and her philosophy was that they must have needed it real bad.  She tried so hard to comfort me.  As did Zoe, as she kept one hand on my leg and one on my back. 

When the tow truck came, about 30 minute later they took the truck and I had to ride with them. I stayed at Vlad's over night and appeared on my first day a little worn, but showered and teeth brushed. 

Throughout the day I found that the theft was not covered by warranty, and the insurance company wanted 500$ for it, which was our deductible. That, however didn’t matter because we didn’t have 500$ anyway.  

 So all day Tran worked his ass off to find my truck a new starter.

Ninjet offered to put it on after she got off work, and with the credit card gift, the part was completely affordable.  

After work I met them at CarMax again thanks to Vlad getting me there, and within minutes the truck was up and running and purring like a kitten.

I offered to pay them both, they refused. I gave then what I had, my hugs and love. 

And I got to go home.  

I got to hug and kiss my wife. I got to sleep beside her and snuggle up next to her in my sleep.

I got to pet the pups, and feed the horses. I got to sit on the couch as the cats all clamored for the best spot to lie on my body. 

I got to go home. 

I have no words that could possibly convey the gratitude, love an overwhelming amount of support that I feel.

You “Cadre of Community”  have closed the chapter in my life where my slave and I faced mountains alone.  

I can never again say that we are by ourselves out here.  What you did, all of you, will be in my heart forever.

All my love and hugs,


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