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Friday, October 12, 2012

The slaves unspoken pride

Recently I went through a prolonged illness. It sucked real bad. The most frustrating thing was that this time I did everything right. I sought medical care early; I did what the DR said I even kept myself in bed- with a minimum of complaining and moaning.  

Ok maybe not a minimum….

During that time my slave was amazing, she did everything, including all of my chores.  She fed the horses, did all of the heavy lifting and the trash. While still managing to organize the Betties, and do correspondence for me. I was having a really hard time breathing so in between all of the other things she would hold me and read to me and bring me hot tea. She would make me laugh. 

I was very grateful when I was finally better and back on my feet. Breathing, apparently, is more important then I thought……  

It was after this had passed that she came to me,  the look on her face let me know right away that something was wrong.

she looked at me then looked at the floor, then looked away, not meeting my eyes… and after a moment  in a small voice she started to talk--- and  she told me that this was all her fault...

Let me say it again; she came over and told that this was her fault.

I froze for a moment,   not understanding what she was saying.

she started to cry and say that it was her fault that I had gotten so sick, that if only she was a better slave and a better wife that she would have taken care of me better and this would not have happened. That she should have done something different and I wouldn’t have struggled so much. That it was her fault that the cupboards went bare over the winter, and that she felt that she was a burden to me.

I was stunned at this.   I grabbed her and hugged her and let her cry, I tried all I could to wipe her tears and comfort her.  I had to remind her that my lungs have been bad since I was a kid, and that no matter what she does or could ever do that will never change.  I had to remind her that you can’t buy food when you have no money, and what she did was create meals out of nothing and good ones at that.  I had to remind her and hold her and remind her again that it is my love for her that gives me purpose and strength every day. That she has never been nor will ever be a burden; she is instead the drive behind everything I do, and that I still find a need to impress her after all of these years.

she is my light and my love, and I am so very blessed to have her in my life.

It was through this time that I began to realize the immense amount of responsibility that a slave takes on. 
There is always talk about a Masters responsibility, but seldom do we talk about those things that the slave keeps close to their heart, those unspoken responsibilities that the slave takes absolute pride in and responsibility for.

So for the Masters out there, don’t ever forget, that aside for the cooking and cleaning and the housework, your slaves are taking on more then that. They are taking on you. The entirety of you.

And that is no small thing.

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