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Friday, November 2, 2012

Three Local Masters share their words!!!!

I love talking with other Masters. I don’t get to do it enough, but I truly love hearing about how they evolved, and how they run their homes. So I contacted a few   local Masters and asked them to answer some questions for this blog. Enjoy!

LG:   My name is Lady Golden, and I've been in the BDSM scene since 1997, and have identified as a Master since 2007. I have owned slave lou since 2007, and he and I are both graduates of the MTTA (Master Taino's Training Academy) for slaves and Masters. I have had the opportunity to attend Camp Crucible, Master/slave Conference, and Black Rose events.

MD:  To begin, I am usually called Daniel by my friends. If someone in community refers to me as Master Daniel I am honored that they choose to use the title that I have bestowed upon myself.
In play settings I usually have people refer to me as "Sir"; I feel very strongly that no one has the right to call me "Master" unless I have collared them.
I have identified as a Master for the last 15 years, before that I identified as a Dom for 10 years.
I am currently in several relationships; my primary relationship has been ongoing for about 18 months, it continues to evolve and is currently difficult to define. I also have a long term play relationship with someone who is both a friend and a regular play partner. In addition to these, there are a couple of new play involvements which are to simply to new to be defined at this time.
As for training, in my early years I was mentored by many very skilled and knowledgeable people in everything from the physical skills involved in BDSM to the mental aspects of D/s relationships to the development of the self discipline needed to do these things in the way that seems best for me.

CC:   I have been out in the community for almost 6 years. But been privately active most of my life. I have I identified as a master for 2 years.
I am currently in a 24/7 live in relationship with my slave.
I have not had any special Master training. I have learned threw watching those in the community that I respect and admire. You can call me Cup Cake.

 Do you use contracts?  Why or Why not?

LG:  I do not use a contract with slave lou. We have found that it makes more sense for us to check in with each other frequently rather than at stated intervals for contract renewal. We also change things as they come up, and prefer not to have to refer to a document to make sure we know what we are supposed to do. :)

MD:  My use of contracts varies, some subs and slaves are very intuitive in regards to my needs and wants and no contract is necessary while others need or want a contract as reminder of what is expected of them or for the security that a contract can provide.

CC: 1 I do use contracts. I think it is important to write down your expectations. To define how the relationship is going to progress. It is all too often that we fall into the trap of believing we are all mind readers

How do you punish and why do you use that method?

LG: I don't punish slave lou. He does his best to obey my instructions, or he expresses a good reason why he cannot or should not do as I ask. I then decide if I want him to carry out my orders as originally stated, or if I want to modify the orders. If the result is not what I desired, it is usually the result of my failure to be clear. IMO, punishment is not helpful when the slave is willing.

MD:  I do not often punish as I find that a simple reminder usually takes care of things. When I do punish it happens in the form of a lack of attention and/or play. I rarely need to punish twice...
I will play punish in various ways but that is a different matter.

CC:  To punish NOT CORRECT but to punish. I use a certain red piece of pex that I do not use on my slave for any other reason. Then I put her in the corner. It is cold hard concise. It has a definite start to the punishment and a definite end. It allows me to put the incident to rest. I HATE HAVING TO PUNISH MY SLAVE

What are your cardinal rules? The rules that must be obeyed or are deal breakers?

LG: Honesty is the biggest deal-breaker. Intentional deception for anything other than a surprise birthday party is not permitted.

MD:  As for cardinal rules or deal breakers, these have to do with sexual agreements and or violations of trust. However, repeated refusals or failures to do as instructed can also bring an end to any involvement.

CC:  Never hit in anger. If my slave should behave in such a manner that it would incite me to hit her in anger it is over. It is expected that there will be disappointments and disputes. But if they cannot be resolved without VIOLENCE then the relationship has become unhealthy and unsustainable

Why do you identify as Master, as opposed to something else?

LG: I started a relationship with lou as a FemDomme and he as a male submissive. As the relationship developed, I discovered I wanted more control over lou, and he discovered he had a slave heart. After much thought, self-evaluation, and training, I embraced the concept that I could be a Master to slave lou. Now, I can't imagine any other calling or role that would work for me.

MD:   I identify as a Master because I greatly enjoy the beauty to be found within a deep M/s relationship and because I feel that through time, effort and dedication I have become a master of my craft.

CC:  the term its self has so many meanings to different people. To me it means an acceptance of responsibility. I identify as Master as I am accepting responsibility for my slave and myself and our growth.

Thank you so much Lady Golden. Master Daniel ,and Cupcake for your words!!!!!!

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