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Friday, February 8, 2013

Butch femme History in the 1950's

My slave and I were honored to speak at AEL  in January-  here is an excerpt! 

There is mention in  ancient Greek passages about the hetaerae  .  The hetaerae were female courtesans that  served high lead male nobility. In their off time however, these female courtesans  were known to have masculine female lovers who they doted their time,  attention and money on.

Within the ancient African warrior kingdom of Dahomey, it was not unheard of for high ranking female Amazon  generals to take on multiple wives.

A final example would be the red light district  of 18th  century Tokyo. There was a special section of butch  female sex workers that only catered to  female clients.

So to  start talking about the North  American  history we are going to start in the 1940’s in New York specifically. At that time more local bars started catering to openly gay crowds. The available jobs in the industrial areas  meant that there were a greater number of pants wearing women  going to and from work at all hours.  What this meant  in  terms of safety  was that it was no longer  unusual to see women in  masculine attire on the street  This mean that butches were less likely  to  stand out  and it created a safety not experienced before for butches who now had economic means and were not forced into  traditional women’s attire.

As far as the femmes  the economic power meant that you were less likely to  have to  answer for yourself on your off hours  as to why you didn’t live with your parents,  or have a traditional  husband and child household.
It was the beginning to not be an aberration  for a femme not to be married right away,  or seen as a spinster burden on her family.

 These  two segments of the community started to become economically viable  independent an  visible. Which  also meant that they were finally able to meet each other in  more social areas  that catered  to them.  Now know that we are only  talking about working class lesbians here. Not upper to high class people who had other means to have more privileges’. We are focusing on working and lower to middle class butches and femmes. 

So just like all sorts of communities, butches and femmes were held to  a certain standard of behavior.  These standards were just as rigid for butches and femmes as they were for the male and female mainstream partners in heterosexual society.

For example femmes  were to be seen in  makeup, dresses, and heels at all times, and they were expected to be sexually passive.
Butches especially in the bar culture were expected to be in  pants and starched shirts and were expected to be sexually aggressive. To be accepted into the working class social lesbian community butches had to have femme partners  and femmes had to have butch  partners. The partnering of butch to butch and femme to femme  meant that the couple would not be welcome and therefore ostracized from their very small social out lets.

Sexually  speaking, femmes  were to only receive  sexual gratification,   and butches were only allowed to give sexual gratification.  Not to say that people didn’t deviate from  those strict sexual expectations,  but it was never publicly spoke of for fear of losing face, loosing sexual desirability,  loosing potential sexual partners, or loosing social status.

In the 1950’s the butches and femme community started picking up some steam.  There were more social  venues  more jobs and there was now a slowly growing selection of literature  for example the Bebo  Brinker series  it was a lesbian pulp fiction that actually had lesbians that were not tragic characters and surprise surprise lived at the end.  Even though there was all of this good stuff,  unfortunately in the mainstream  community  the McCarthy area  lead to more police raids and greater witch hunts to ferret out anyone that was not compliant with the strict expected conformity of the day.

The butch femme community was just as influenced by this concept of conformity and regimented role as the mainstream  worlds and in response became even  more unbendable regarding its social and sexual rules.

Another change at the time was that butch identity had more  emphasis physical strength.  So there was a change from the dapper butch to  am more aggressive one. With increased visibility  came increased violence and danger. So part of the butch make up became the art of being physically imposing and intimidating. The new stance of being physically imposing came with encouraging people to keep a distance but it also came at the price of being viewed as angry and hostile.  So as the butches embraced their ability to be more socially visible, they sometimes embraced the unspoken expectation of being angry and hostile.  Good for staying safe, not so good for making a relationship last.  This also led to butches becoming more hostile towards each other, being protective became  being possessive.  This wasn’t always the case, but these lines became easily blurred through social pressure.  Another form of social policing came in the way of defining who was a true lesbian. For butch to be considered a true lesbian, and a "butch's butch", they had to meet a few stringent requirements.  They can’t have had any sexual history with men.  Be exclusively attracted to femmes.  Be butch in appearance 24/7, which meant no changing into feminine garb for work. 

  For femmes the requirements’ were just as strict, and it still didn’t mean that you were accepted as a lesbian.  Femmes had to be in a relationship with a butch.  They had to be submissive to that butch.   They had to be completely sexually  passive.  At this point, was the social beginning of femme  invisibility.  What that means is that femmes were not acknowledged as a apart of the growing lesbian community.  Single femmes were viewed as suspect if they were recognized at all.  Because femmes were able to come in and out of the straight world easier than butches, and because many femmes were sex workers’ who serviced male clientele, it was very hard for them to be recognized by a community that was still struggling to define itself and come to terms with its own many complexities.

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