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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fuck that Mirror.......

It is easy, I think, to get kind of stuck  thinking that my Master and slave relationship  has little difference, if any difference  then  most other relationships. We go through life just like anyone else,  our bills are late, we have holes in our socks,  and occasionally I call off of work because  the sex is just that good.....

So it is easy to  get to thinking that really our relationship isn't that different, until those differences smack  me around and call me  their bitch. I mean until those differences are made apparent as I negotiate through other relationships.

Lately these differences have done everything to leaving me extremely  confused and baffled,  to  given me even more awe of my slaves  perseverance, patience, and service,   to have put a mirror  up to my own  self and to my behavior.  Ouch by the way,  fuck that mirror.....

The first big difference between  our relationship and other relationships became evident and I had to confront my own self with it. That is being told no. Sounds simple doesn't it?  No.  Ultimately I am  told no all of the time, we all are. 

No-  you can't go  90 in a 45 and get out of a ticket by  calling it  "flow of traffic."

No- having working brakes in the van  isn't just the "manufacturer's suggestion."

And  No-  putting a paper towel  over cat puke while the slave is out of the house does not mean it will pick itself up.

So one would think that I would be used to being told no. But guess who doesn't say no- my slave......

If I want to grope her, touch her boobs, stroke her parts, get her naked... OK.  
If I want to suspend all of the daily chores and spend all day in bed with her.... OK.
 If I want to  toss her across the bed, drag her up to my hips, and fulfill my carnal  fantasies.......OK.

So when  someone finally told me "no", really and legitimately  I did not hear them. Then I thought they had to be kidding,  then I thought that no really meant yes-  they just didn't know that yet-  then I just got really confused.  What do you mean  "No"?

Then I had to learn that people say "no" without actually using the word no. So it was no-  in Latin. At that point I had to start all over again,  maybe they didn't mean no....  I was so confused I had to ask my slave to step in and translate for me because I got so lost at the  "it isn't a yes"  part.

The next difference I experienced was when it came to the talking thing. I do  try really hard to listen ,but I do have the tendency to interrupt and talk over people. Now,  when I do this at home,  my slave stops talking,  smiles, listens, and then continues when I am finished. But other people don't stop talking when I start talking over them-  they just keep talking to. I hadn't realized how much I had gotten used to  my slave letting me talk -  even when I interrupt her. How rude!!!  Not her,  me-  how rude!

Finally there was the physical difference that separates our relationship from other relationships.  I am  a very touchy person, I love touch, both  giving and receiving. I am  very used to  having total  unlimited access to my slaves body  and to how my slaves body moves and feels. I am  also used to  and very comfortable with  moving her and putting her where I want her. 

Did you know that people don't necessarily like that? WTF?

When that was pointed out to me I was so confused! What do you mean  don't touch  a person  that way or I could break them? I am  so confounded....

So after all of this I came to the conclusion that my Master and slave relationship  really is very different them many other relationships. My slaves unending patience,  service,  and availability  have spoiled me rotten --for the good and the bad. 

So if I don't hear you say no, talk over you, or position you -  I am  really sorry.

 Blame my slave.   




  1. This made me laugh, and put something in a whole new light for me. Love to you both, and see you soon.


  2. Hello pigtails! Than you so much! We hope to see you soon as well! Hugz to you and yours!

  3. Such a cutie! I needed to smile right now , Big, warm heart hugz to you and your wife!