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Friday, March 1, 2013

Submissive and slave men speak

I have had the great honor of interviewing two men  regarding their slave and submissive lifestyles. I have always thought that it is a great risk for men to access and understand their submissive and slave nature in our society where machismo and brutality is so prized. Thank you so much to Lady Golden and Saint for allowing me to ask their wonderful partners questions!

Here are the bios of the wonderful men that were so  very patient in answering my questions!  

slave lou has had the honor of living in 24/7 service to Lady Golden for around 5 years now. Few who know me would consider me to be all that submissive. I get a great deal of pleasure and pride in providing exceptional service to my Lady.

My name is Chance Lee McCravey. I entered the scene in summer 2010, where I met the love of my life. I identify as a boy/fox. I like to be referred to as Chance. I am only referred to as Fox by Saint St. James, my Althair (Daddy). I enjoy providing my time and resources to the community. On my off time; I enjoy reading novels, knitting, and crocheting.

  1) What misconceptions do you feel that people have about submissive men?


A – That submissive men are weak. It takes a great deal of will and personal strength to submit to another.
B – That they have no minds and need someone else to think for them. Many if not most submissive men are quite capable and successful.
C – That submissive men have issues making decisions. Yea right. In order to provide exceptional service many decisions are made on a daily basis.


Some of the misconceptions of submissive men that I have come across is that the submissives are just mindless drones and they no longer have any opinions for themselves. Another is that many people are not sure the difference between a boy and a slave, for me a boy is someone who retains an ability to question and ask clarifications of his Althair, slaves I have seen have much less autonomy in this regard.

2) What brought you to understanding that you are a submissive and you wanted that in your relationships?

It's all about service. Service to self and service to others. It has been my experience that living alone can lead to a certain comfort and even contentment, but the path for my personal happiness is very closely tied to how well I provide service. The idea of an unequal partnership got me many odd looks, but if I take care of you and you take care of me, everyone wins.

I  came to the understanding that I am submissive because I enjoy doing certain duties for others. In my relationships, it seems to just happen automatically.

3) What do you expect from a dominant partner?

They need to have their act together. They have to be sane. It helps if they have similar interests to myself. If they happen to be a 5'4” redhead with pert breasts that’s a major plus. They need to be able to make me feel safe and secure.


What I expect from a dominant partner is someone who provides for me, defends me in dire situations, listens to my opinions, and cares about me. I am also very picky about what I consider a dominant, I look for people who have experienced being a submissive themselves and who are not afraid to be themselves.


4)  Do you find that there is a lot of competition between male submissives if so how does that manifest?


I I suspect men would compete for just about anything. It's kinda what we do. Dominant females are probably the rarest breed in our community. Submissive males may be one of the largest nationwide. It has been my observation that the most successful slaves are the ones who took the time and energy to learn skills that are useful to the dominant female they are serving or wish to serve. Butler school.... who knew. If you want to get played with you have to find some way of differentiate yourself from the crowd.


I see a lot of male submissive s competing for the dominants affection and approval. For example, being the first to bring the dominant his/her food during a meal. On the other hand I see many submissive s who are interested in working together for the betterment of their family and their community.

Thank  you again to Lady golden, slave lou, Saint, and Chance!  


  1. Thank you BearDyke. Very Interesting.

  2. thank you Saint for allowing me to interview Chance!