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Friday, March 22, 2013

M + s = WTF?

Being in a Master and slave relationship is equated to this:  
 Master says + slave does =end of conversation.

It can be put like this 
M + s = e

If you’re really lucky those things happen to infinity. Like this:
 (M + s = e) infinity

But relationships, like math, always tend to have that X factor, the variable.
So instead of our pretty little equation, it comes out all fucked up like this:

 X + s = WTF?    Here the Master is the X factor.
For example:  I say "slave grab me that elephant."  And my slave hears correctly "slave grab me that elephant" but  in  reality we don’t own an elephant. So I am upset that I have to  go without my  imaginary elephant and she is left confused as to what I really wanted.

This is when the Master becomes the X factor, which can mean a lot of things. It can mean that the Master doesn't know how to ask for something, doesn't have the confidence to ask for something, doesn’t know what they want, or thought that they asked clearly - when in actuality they just left their slave dazed and confused. It could also mean that the Masters needs have changed and the Master didn't realize it, or that the Master simply doesn’t want to communicate and expects the slave to just "pick it up." 

In any case what that X factor boils down to is that the  Master can't, won't or is unable to communicate,  ending up in the the "what the fuck"  answer to the equation.

Then there is the next variable:

M + x = WTF?   Here the slave is the x factor. 

For example I say "slave get me some tea" and she hears "squirrel!" And I don't get my tea. 

What this means is that the Master has spoken clearly but the slave was unwilling or unable to listen, or has their own agenda, or has no intention of doing what the Master says anyway. Maybe the slave is looking to unseat or unbalance the Master, or maybe the slave is really in a space where they can’t listen.

In any case the end product of the "what the fuck" answer  is the end to the equation.

Then there is the rogue:

M + s = WTF?   Here the outcome is the X factor. 

For example I say "slave get my shower ready" and she hears "slave get my shower ready". And she goes to turn on the shower and we are out of water.

That is the rare case where everybody thought that they were on the same page, but the end product was all fucked up for no reason.

I think that what I am trying to say here is that there is beauty in certainty, but relationships are the ultimate X factor; they very rarely go as planned, and although we can set about with the right equation, that doesn’t guarantee that we all come up with the same answer.  

I think myself clever today.......




  1. M+s=wtf


  2. Did i get that right?