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Friday, July 17, 2015

Gays NOT celebrating Gay Marriage rights???????

Hello all! My slave has an amazing brain.  she write this on her Facebook  but it was so powerful  I wanted to  put it out there in  my blog. For those of you that dont know, I am  white and my slave is of color. her introspective take  on life and personal insight  makes me so  proud to  be with her. This is what she wrote: 

Gentle Rant: 

For those in our queer community who are genuinely incensed at how gays' are celebrating finally having the right to marry, I say "To each their own", but for all of those who are speaking against gay marriage being approved because it's somehow "bourgeoisie" let me ask you something. 

Speaking as a queer descendent of slaves, did it ever occur to any of you who are affronted that maybe your conflation of marriage rights with "selling out" is a bourgeoisie thought process in itself? 

Marriage between slaves' or slaves' and people who weren't of their race wasn't recognized until VERY recently in our country's history and I can tell you that it DOES make a difference to have your commitment to each other recognized by your country because it's a very important first step in being recognized as a human with a right to dignity. 

In other words', until you have had the life altering experience of having to look up your ancestors' records' of births, deaths' (including lynchings'), and life partners' through countless "bill of sale" records, sit down, relax, and be happy for 5 minutes that a large segment of our nation's population now has rights' that were non-existent to them only last week. 

Your sense of elitist privilege is starting to show.

I am  adding this: 


The Happiest day of my life.  It was and still is the most perfect day.

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