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Friday, July 31, 2015

High Protocol

I am currently reading “The Ritual of Dominance & Submission: A Guide to High Protocol Dominance & Submission” by David English.


I am really enjoying the idea of adding something more ritualistic to what my slave and I already do. I deeply love service; I love the ritual of it, the thought behind it, and the beauty of the whole process.  So I am excited about looking at what we do and seeing where it could be tweaked or changed. I have the parts of the book that I disagree with, of course- but overall I like the flow.


Part of what it means to add something is to assess where we are currently to see if, when, and where other parts of protocol can be reasonably added. This is a lot of fun for me, because it puts me in a place where I have to look at what we have managed to achieve after all of this time! 


So far I am looking at our morning rituals, but I haven’t found a place that I could realistically implement some sort of advanced protocol that is reasonable for us.  So far every morning before I go to work, she lays out my clothes, gets me my morning drink so I can take my medications, makes my lunch, and feeds the horses. Not to mention fulfilling any other last minute requests that I have. 


When I come home she serves dinner while I decompress. Then we head to bed and get up the next morning and do it all over again.So because our daily schedule is so tight   I am looking at other things that are add –able.


I am in the part of the book that talks about slave positions. So in general the concept is that the slave serves the Master and then falls into a position (usually to the back or side of the room or to the side of their Master) until they are called on again to serve. That is where slave positions come in really handy and are beautiful to watch and experience.

Where I find difficulty in utilizing slave positions is that we are 24/7. So  since she is usually in  some form of active service or doing the things that keep the house up  and running (the unsexy things like  laundry,  mopping, and cleaning toilets)  where would having her stand to  the side waiting for me to  call  her come into  play?


 I mean, while she is standing there waiting for me to beckon her - ummmm—who is making lunch?


I could see using this type of thing at a party or event; I can also see these things in a multi slave household where each slave has a dedicated duty list.  But when it is one on one, I wonder if it is a little less applicable?   


To be completely honest- I don’t know. 


And I WONT know what is or isn’t truly doable until we dive in and get in the middle of it. Since I have never done this type of protocol before- there is only one way to find out. Try it, evaluate it, change it, and try it again.



How cool is that?????

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