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Sunday, July 26, 2015

We literally had NO IDEA

My eve and I are absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of last night.
When  AEL decided this  and Vlad and M took  on  the hosting-  we were told when  and where to  show up.

We literally had NO IDEA of the amount of work  and running that was happening on  our behalf.

I was stunned silent by the endless donations given, everyone put their heart, talent, energy and love into those amazing prizes.

Throughout the night I would be pulled aside and people would give me private donations.

 I was blown  away and touched by everyone of you that took  from  your own  to be able to give to  us.
I can only say Thank  you from  my heart. Your generosity has moved me deeply.

To  those that shared your words of encouragement, love, and inspiration-  all  of you have really touched eve and I.

This whole event has moved and touched our hearts. This community donated over 2400.00$ for us last night.

And because I believe in complete accountability to  all  of you that donated your time, effort, love energy,  talent and presence: today we sent out our mortgages for next two  months , and tomorrow we pre pay our health  insurance. 
You  did that.
You  made our home safe while I have to  take time away from  work  to recover.
You  made it possible for me to  walk  into  surgery on  the 5th with medical  coverage.

Even  now I am  slowly getting an  idea of how many people where involved in this.
This scope is beyond me -  and I that is to  say we-  are so  deeply humbled by this community.

Both  my eve and I are looking forward to  serving the community again  soon, when  all of this passes.

The words :Thank you" barely scratch  the surface of how we both  feel.

Thank you Deeply.
Thank you Humbly.
Thank  you from  the bottom of Our Leather Hearts. 


  1. Sending buckets of love your way!

  2. If you are ever feeling unworthy, or unlovable, just remind yourself how many people disagree with that assessment.

  3. Dearest Tops- Thank you so much!!

    Dearest Darla- You make a powerful point- I have no right to bitch from here on out! Thank you for this, and thank you for coming, and those Prints where- DAMN!!!!