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Friday, July 10, 2015

Jobs, Kidneys, Surgery, HOPE

Hello All,

So  In don't really know how to write this.

One on hand I am  embarrassed,  on  the other- I am   encouraged and given hope.

So  a week  or so back I ended up  in  the emergency room  on a Wednesday night. I was driven  there by the most impressive group of EMT's, and ambulance people.

Turns out it was kidney stones. I have never had them  before, I stayed in the hospital  From  Wednesday until  Saturday. With  emergent surgery on  Thursday. I didn't do  well on  the table during surgery because of a kidney infection, so they stopped early before they could remove the stones. I stabilized quickly then.

But to  back  up  a little.

When we moved into our new house two  years ago  it was all  thanks to this community that stepped up and pitched in. Without  K, Roughhouse, Tease, Vlad, and Jaime and Lori-  I cant imagine what would have happened. 

And since then  we have made monumental  financial  strides in our life. 

 In April I quit working at the hospital. I planned for it  and made sure to  pay the mortgage in advance  and get us private health insurance to  carry us through  me getting a new job. Luckily I started my new job on June 8th.

The new job has been  incredibly understanding of me being in  the hospital. I was out of work  for 4 days, and then  when I was in new employee  orientation at HR my slave got the call  that the surgeon wanted my back in the ER to  test me for blood clots. 

So  I had to  leave and spend a few more hours being tested. I am  in  the clear. 

But I will be completely honest with  you-  that scared me more then  the kidney stones. 

I know that I am  of size, but I am  also  mobile and active. Moreover I know how dangerous blood clots can  be.  They are deadly. That day of emergence room  testing  scared me more then  the four days I was in  the hospital  put together. 
I know people that have died from  blood clots, I have cared for people that have died from  blood clots. My grandfather died from  blood clots post hip  surgery. 

The initial  testing came out a positive indicator for clots, but the further testing showed me to  be negative. 

I feel  so  damn  lucky. 

That being said my loss of time from the new job  has cost us- and upon  the recommendation  of beloved family we started a "fund me" page. 
The costs will  go  directly to  keeping our private health  insurance until my insurance from my new job kicks in. One of our mortgages, and a new pair  of glasses for me. (They were accidentally broken  during initial trip  to  the hospital.) 

I think what I am  trying to do  here is justify why I am asking for help. I don't want anyone to think that I am  just a lazy, poor me person  looking for a handout. 

So  before I back  out and erase this whole blog I am  going to  post the link and walk  away. 

 Thank  you to everyone that has donated at this point. W/we are deeply deeply grateful .






  1. Pshaw. Anyone who knows you knows that you're not lazy or prone to "poor me".

    Heading over to follow that link...

  2. Thank you so much. From this communities support, we have been able to pay our mortgage, and today I get new glasses. Thank you so much.