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Friday, April 1, 2016


I honestly can’t tell you if  MOST gossip is a bad thing. I know that in severe cases it can  cost someone their job, their children, their house. But that isn't because of the gossip  itself.  It is because of how people feel  justified in  treating another person  based on  what they have heard and not what they have  experienced.    

But I think that in  most cases gossip is pretty harmless and ALL gossip is transitory. It is never static. It comes, it goes, it constantly changes.   

There is gossip about every single one of us out there. Good, bad, meant to change views, or spread in harmless fun. I like a good piece of gossip. I do. I won’t lie on that. BUT I strive to not let gossip change how I treat someone.  Or at least I thought I could stand by that. 

I have had gossip  spread about how I was abusive to my slave,  how I single handedly brought down  RGL , how I tore this community apart during my title year, how I  said or did things that I never did,  or did do. Because I have done some shit. I have. And I cop to that.

However over the last year something has happened. And it has continued to grow about me in a way that has started to affect how I treat others. And don’t want it to.  I don’t want what others say ABOUT me to change WHO I am to the point where it changes HOW I believe I should conduct myself.

So I am talking here an openly and as honestly as I can. I am not using names.  

I first learned about the local Mast group through a second hand person who was talking about the party that they had gone to. That was the first time I learned that Mast was up and running.

This was an utter shock to me because not more than two months prior I have been talking with the head of Mast over coffee and we talked about doing a joint project. I remember distinctly telling this person that I would happily support whatever they had plans for and they said that they doubted any organization would be happening, but they would keep me posted. 

I came to find out later that before this conversation happened between the two of us they had already put in the application for a Mast chapter and had chosen a preliminary board.  

Later in  the year as people were asked to  join  Mast they would come back  to me and say that they were told that I had met with  the head of Mast and had told that person that I was supportive of Mast but wanted nothing to  do  with  it.  

I was stunned.  Literally stunned out of my seat.

I was hurt and angry and well- not just angry but also disgusted and furious. 

Over that year it became very clear to me that me, and several other Masters like me, that we were “persona non grata” at Mast.  None of us knew why, we still don’t.

Then I had it confirmed.  

Some who spoke with me directly said that they were told face to face by the head of Mast that again:  we had sat down discussed Mast and that I supported it but wanted nothing to do with it.

So I went to the head of Mast. And I said – this is what I am hearing. And this person said that we were at a mutual friend’s party, talked about Mast and that I told them that I would support it but wanted nothing to do with it.  

I was stunned; I sat there reading the email with my mouth hanging open. I had never attended a party at this other person’s house. This conversation between the head of Mast and I never happened. I am saying it now with anger, hurt, frustration and a sense of utter loss.   

I am telling you -This conversation never happened.

To the contrary- I support Mast. I am not interested in running a chapter, and I have written about that before.  The whole pressure to have people pay dues and maintain growth makes me nervous. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want it to happen, in fact I would have happily folded the AMG if I had known that a Mast was starting. That way there would have been a pooling of limited resources, as Albuquerque is small. 

However their intentional exclusion of myself, my slave and other Masters and slaves has left me saddened that this is how Mast believes in building community.  And left me striving to maintain AMG because I believe in the inclusion of ALL. Whether I agree with the person or not, whether they have money or not, whether they look the part or not. 

At the end of the day though- this boils down to me. To me holding myself to the standard of treating people well no matter what they say about me.  Of swallowing my pride and letting what I DO speak for itself.  

Also to be clear here. I do support Mast. I encourage people to go and see what they think, so they find out for themselves if it is the right fit for them. Despite Masts exclusion of me- I still send people their way if I think it is a good fit for them. And I will  continue to  do  so .

And I am working on my anger and my hurt. Trying hard to not let it rule my mouth. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But this community deserves better from me. From all its leaders. 

So I will try harder, because you deserve it.

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