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Friday, April 19, 2013

DandyKor was AWESOME!!!!!

Last weekend was DandyKor.  It is a group in Albuquerque that puts on queer block parties about once every other month, and for April they enlisted my slave and I to help with the kink element of the party. I was so thrilled to help out, and the outpouring of support, skill, and volunteering from this community was wonderful to see. 

I felt the luckiest because I was able to do the flogging booth and watch as my slave took on the spanking booth. 

I have never done a flogging booth in public before. I have taught flogging, but this was whole new ball game. For the most part I was working with people that had never played and had no reference for the realities of BDSM except for maybe   what they had fantasized about.  It presented its own challenges for example getting people to have confidence, then getting them to understand movement and their own bodies, explaining safety basics, and looking at the bottoms body as a whole--   all within say 15 minutes per couple. It was really great for my brain!!!  I loved the challenge, and seeing people come into the booth scared and intimidated but walk away giddy, smiling, giggling and for many very sexually aroused!   

For some you could see that this was a skill that they took too like a fish to water, and that they connected to on a deep level. This was visible from the people both throwing the flogger as well as receiving the flogging. There were some new bottoms that glazed over in a happy smile and although nervous about asking for more, were very eager for the lesson to continue. 

 I also had the opportunity to have some fun on experienced players and play with my back hand swing. That was a blast!!!  There was a lot of hard hitting fun and laughing! 

Overall I am still on cloud nine from this experience. It was amazing to see people instantly fall in love with flogging the way that I am.  And for those that didn’t fall in love with it I got to see their defenses lower, their fear dissipate, and their confidence sky rocket. 

Honestly, I think one of my favorite parts was the demo. My bottom for the evening and I did an on stage 5 minute demo on flogging. It was hot, sensual, and the crowd was completely engaged.  I had my lovely bottom sitting on a chair facing the crowd with  her   legs open, and I was explaining about how to use  the chest and inner thighs and of course, the genitals. By the end of the demo the crowd was right along with me shouting “pussy! “  I explained about hitting hard and hitting softly, and that sometimes my bottom gets a little mouthy and it is good to hit her a little harder. I made it a point to say that hitting someone hard is easy, that it doesn’t have any art to it but using floggers differently takes finesse and skill. So at the end of the demo I asked the crowd if they had any questions and someone shouted “Isn’t she mouthy now?”  I laughed and gave a thwap to her breasts...  

It was amazing to have a crowd so engaged.

I also surprised myself in being able to talk about both men and women bottoms, and how techniques transfer over. I really felt like I did something worthwhile that night. 

I really enjoyed how my slave took over the spanking booth. she was amazing, and her booth was hot and busy just about all night. In fact she was spanking people all the way until I escorted her out of the building at midnight! I loved watching her interact with everyone.  Although my slave was worried about how well she would do, she is extremely skilled and she seemed to be able to take everyone from the shaking novice, to the bravado butches, to the experienced and wanting all with stride. I was so proud and impressed watching her.  Not only was she hot as hell in her corset, but she was skilled, attentive and knew how to read what people really needed even if they didn’t know it themselves.  I was just beaming.

The whole night was magical and wonderful, and it was just what my slave and I needed. I love those moments.

 Thank you so much to Avery for your vision and powerful leadership in making DandyKor possible. I would like to put out a very special Thank you to all who made this night possible. If it were not for the wonderfully experienced and skilled players manning the caning, paddling, and bondage booths, as well as Tease vending, the amazing leather man M as the MC, Alibi and his slaveonyx, and all of the local groups and individuals that volunteered and donated for this event -G- , AEL, NMFL, and Tease it would not have been the amazing night that it was. I am deeply deeply grateful to all of you.

For more information about Dandykor you can find them here:  http://dandykor.com/


  1. People were engaged in your on stage demo because you gave them real tools with which to get engaged. You were impressive in your stage presence... as well as skill ;)

  2. Thank you , I am very flattered:)